HypnoBirthing® NZ Childbirth Educators Training 

Teach HypnoBirthing to Parents – see dates for 2024 below

Build a career as a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator and enjoy the rewards that come from preparing parents for a joyful, empowering birth.

Why choose HypnoBirthing®the Mongan Method  :-

  • Training facilitated by the longest established & most experienced HypnoBirthing trainer in NZ with 18 years experience & having trained the vast majority of HypnoBirthing Educators in New Zealand.
  • Affiliation with an International organization https://hypnobirthing.com/ that has been a global leader in Childbirth Education for over 30 years.
  • A recognized qualification that enables you teach anywhere in the world.
  • The only HypnoBirthing Educator training in New Zealand that meets the criteria for and is approved by the Midwifery Council of NZ as continuing education for midwives.
  • A fully researched based program that continues to be updated.
  • Once certified access to a private group of worldwide educators including midwives, doula’s, obstetricians & many others with a wealth of experience for support & advice plus access to the NZ Educators group & support from your trainer.

Certification provides access to all of the resources needed to successfully get started with your birthing business. No prior experience necessary. All you need is a desire and passion to spread the knowledge of how to have a positive birth experience!

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*This event is approved as continuing midwifery education by the Midwifery Council*

The course consists of 3 components:-
1. Birthing Basics Home Study (for those with no prior birthing qualifications)
2. Introduction to Hypnosis for Birthing – 1.5 days
3. Educator Certification Workshop – 2.5 days
The course is a four day, two part Childbirth Education Programme.


Segment One: Introductory Prerequisites

Hypnosis for Birthing


  • Applications of hypnosis
  • Attitudes about hypnosis
  • Basics of brainwave activity
  • Laws of the mind
  • The Rationale for hypnosis in birthing
  • Understanding clients’ learning styles
  • Direct and permissive hypnosis approaches
  • Dangers of unqualified therapy
  • Steps to achieve hypnosis
  • Mind/Body associations and applications
  • Judging trance depth
  • Guidelines for achieving change
  • Eye fixation/closure
  • Elman • Ericksonian • Shanti leads
  • Deepening techniques
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions
  • Alerting Styles

Birthing Basics ~ for persons with no birthing qualifications

  • The Beautiful Female Birthing Body
  • Anatomy of The Female Reproductive System
  • Conception and Early fetal development
  • Characteristics of the Uterus
  • The Baby’s Support System:
  • Three Trimesters of Pregnancy
  • Physical Changes during Pregnancy
  • Foetal Positioning during Pregnancy
  • Turning Breech Presented Babies
  • Labour Signals: Normal, Unanticipated
  • Characteristics of Managed Labour
  • Characteristics of HypnoBirthing® Labour
  • The Onset of Labour
  • Foetal Positioning during Birth
  • Labour Stages As Defined in Typical Birthing
  • Labour as Defined in HypnoBirthing®
  • Mother Directed Birthing

Segment Two: Educator Certification

  • Philosophy and Beginnings of HypnoBirthing
  • How the Uterus Works in Birthing
  • What’s Wrong with Labour
  • How Fear Affects Labour
  • The Origin of Fear and Pain in Labour
  • Prenatal Bonding and Fetology
  • Selecting Care Providers
  • Preparing the Mind for Birth
  • Hypnosis Deepening and Visualization
  • Releasing Fear
  • Preparing the Body for Birthing
  • Building a Partnership with Care Providers
  • Turning Breech-Presented Babies
  • Looking at the “Estimated Due Date”
  • Avoiding Artificial Induction
  • Preparing Birth Preference Sheets
  • How the Body Prepares for Birth
  • The Onset of Labour
  • Perinatal Bonding
  • Breathing Through Labour
  • Breathing with Birth
  • Bonding with Baby

Once you have completed the course you are required to submit a review on each segment undertaken, write a book review & complete a case study. Once your reviews & case study have been satisfactorily completed and marked you will gain your certification.

Once you certify you will be invited to join the International Educators facebook group & the New Zealand Educators facebook group. Support will also be available through the HypnoBirthing Institute and your trainer.

A fee (currently $100US) is payable each year to keep your certification current.

Course dates 2024 :-

4 days – 16th & 17th Sept plus 17th & 18th Oct

Online – attend from the comfort of your own home with no travel or accommodation costs.

Course Fees:-

HypnoBirthing® Educator Certification 4 days including manuals, books, audio’s & visual materials : $2455 due in 3 payments consisting of $295 deposit + $1160 due 6th Sept & $1000 due 4th Oct or pay your deposit now & set up a weekly/fortnightly/monthly payment plan. Credit card payments also available – PayPal fees apply.

Birth Basics home study programme : $325

B-Backs for HypnoBirthing® Educator Certification:  A nominal charge of $150 applies

Host a course & receive your training at a reduced rate – conditions apply.

New educators training in Auckland ~

“Thank you for providing world class training this week. I have attended a lot of training in recent years, and yours has by far been the best. All documentation is so professionally presented and your knowledge and passion really shines thru.”

For further information contact Stephanie on (03) 3848506 or 021 313 161.

*Please ensure you are familiar with the terms & conditions below before submitting your registration form.

Terms & Conditions

A $295 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

The following refund policy applies –

The deposit & Birth Basics home study are non-refundable.

For cancellations within 4 weeks of the start of the course a 75% refund will be given.

For cancellations, with less than 2 weeks, before the course starts no refund will be given, you may however be able to transfer your fee to a future course. This may incur a further fee at the time if course materials have changed.

We reserve the right to alter dates and venues.

By submitting this form I confirm my understanding and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

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