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Virtual Gastric Band

Take control of your eating & lose weight naturally with the hypnotic gastric band weight loss program

No more feelings of struggle or deprivation. Instead, feel fully satisfied as you eat smaller portions and lose weight naturally

✔️ No more dieting or feelings of deprivation
✔️ Eat smaller portions & feel fully satisfied
✔️ Easy maintainable life style changes
✔️ Tailored to your specific needs
✔️ Easy to follow guidelines

Virtual gastric band

Under hypnosis, Stephanie guides you through the process of having your virtual gastric band “fitted.” Hypnotically, your stomach will then be shrunk to the size of a small orange. You’ll then find you feel fully satisfied eating smaller portions

What happens in each session

Four 1-to-1 hypnotherapy sessions usually held weekly over a four week period

Session 1

Virtual gastric band

+ Discuss your goals & eating habits
+ Go through the guidelines
+ Get your virtual gastric band “fitted” under hypnosis
+ Receive your audio recording to use between sessions

Session 2

Driven to overeat

+ Review how things are going
+ Recognise the parts of yourself that have driven you to overeat in the past
+ Recognise the parts of yourself that now drive you towards health & well being

Session 3

Let go of anything holding you back

+ Review how things are going
+ Let go of anything holding you back from losing weight
+ Implement strategies to keep you on track

Session 4

Stay on track

+ Reinforce the work that’s been done
+ Staying on the path of that slimmer, fitter, healthier you
+ Receive a maintenance recording to take away

After session 4


+ Extra support available to meet your long term goals should you require it
+ Contact Stephanie to organise

Frequently asked questions about the Virtual Gastric Band

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the package is $695 for individual sessions – this includes four sessions, two recordings plus written guidelines. I have also had great success working with couples or two friends at the same time however certain conditions apply as I want to make sure it will be successful for you. The cost for two people is $475 per person – this includes four sessions, two recording plus written guidelines.

Does it work for everyone?

The virtual gastric band program is highly successful for the vast majority of people. Clinical trials in the UK show a 95% success rate with some people losing up to as much as 70kg. For the program to be successful you have to be committed to attending the sessions & following the guidelines at home.

“Over the years I have tried every diet going without much success. I then came across gastric band hypnosis. It has been amazing for me – I find I don’t think about food all the time like I used to and am eating much smaller portions without feeling hungry. The weight is slowly coming off and I feel a lot more confident and happier in myself. Thank you so much.”

Jan, Christchurch

I love the fact that I can still eat what I like but have no desire to eat large quantities of food. And even though I can eat what I like I’m making healthier food choices without even thinking about it. I love the relaxation of the sessions and that it all seems so easy – no more counting calories or points, thinking about what I can and can’t eat and feeling as though I have a constant battle with food. All of this and I’m losing weight! It’s fantastic!”


Three years down the track and I have still kept the weight off for the first time ever, I’m absolutely elated! Thank you so much Stephanie!”

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