Peace of Mind



Access your subconscious mind and make the life changes you desire

Access your subconscious mind to change unwanted behaviours, reprogram old beliefs and achieve inner calm & peace of mind.

Free 15 minute consultations available by phone or zoom to discuss your requirements & make a plan.

✔️ Stephanie creates a safe, confidential & comfortable environment
✔️ 20+years experience working one on one & with groups
✔️ Change unwanted behaviours and reprogram old beliefs
✔️ Improve your health & well being
✔️ Find inner calm & peace of mind
✔️ Changes are generally effected quickly
✔️ Differences often noticed from the very first session

What to expect in each session

Hypnotherapy sessions can be held in person or online

Initial session

Hypnotherapy with Steph

+ Discuss what you would like to change or achieve
+ Stephanie helps you understand the hypnotherapy process
+ You experience a hypnosis session

Follow-up sessions

Hypnotherapy follow-up

+ We review how things are going
+ Hypnotherapy takes place
+ Other techniques may also be used
+ If needed take home tools are given

Frequently asked questions about Hypnotherapy

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Virtual Gastric Band – Stress – Anxiety – Panic Attacks Weight Loss – Fears & Phobias – Confidence & Self Esteem – Concentration & Memory – Insomnia – Procrastination – Emotional Issues – Unwanted Behaviours – Bad Habits – Limiting Beliefs – IBS – Headaches & Migraines – Menopausal Symptoms  – Mind Body Healing – Sports Enhancement & Motivation – Stop Smoking –Childbirth and many more issues

What does it feel like to be in hypnosis?

In hypnosis you feel wonderfully relaxed & comfortable. The conscious mind relaxes however the subconscious mind remains alert. You may feel heavy or light, as though you were floating etc. Whatever the sensations you experience they are always wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic.

Will I be able to go into hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state, throughout the day people often drift into a trance, examples could be when watching tv, reading a book or simply watching the flames of a fire. All you have to do is follow the therapists instructions and allow yourself to relax.

Will I be in control?

One of the most common misconceptions is that people fear that they will be out of control when they are in hypnosis but in fact the client is in control at all times, you will be fully aware throughout the session and can come out of hypnosis at any time should you choose to.

How many sessions will I require?

Each person is different however unlike most talk therapies hypnotherapy works relatively quickly so in general most people would require 2-5 sessions depending upon what we’re working on.

How do online sessions work?

Online sessions are taken via zoom they are great for people who want to attend from the comfort of their own home or live in remote locations. You need to be in a quiet space with no distractions, have a comfortable chair/sofa or bed to relax on and have a good internet connection.

What does it cost?

General Sessions – $150

Stop Smoking Package – $350 – 2 sessions plus a recording

Virtual Gastric Band for one on one sessions – $695 or $475pp for two people

HypnoBirthing® – $475 per couple for group classes

Can I cancel a session?

You’re most welcome to cancel a session. Please give Stephanie 24 hrs notice – otherwise you may incur a cancellation fee.

Kind words

“Stephanie has helped me immensely. I first sought her help when I was feeling very anxious, stuck and severely lacking in self confidence. After only a few sessions I was feeling much more calm, confident and motivated. I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough. She is incredibly professional and instantly made me feel at ease with her kind and calming presence. I am forever grateful for her help”…….Jessica, Queenstown

I had an incredibly deep fear of flying. The moment I knew I had to fly I couldn’t sleep. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach, it was such torture. On the plane I barely took a breath, I often couldn’t stop the tears flowing and the food was definitely out of the question. I went along to a fantastic hypnotherapist and it completely changed my life.

The wonderfully relaxing sessions made me feel fantastic and when I went on a trip to Queensland, I was excited to go. I was relaxed on the plane, I ate, I laughed. I shocked everyone that knew me and I shocked myself. I can’t thank Stephanie enough for giving me the joy of flight.” ……Wendy Steeds, Christchurch

“With an up and coming presentation at work, I felt tense and sick with nerves. After two sessions with Stephanie, I was able to deliver my presentation in a calm, relaxed manner, speaking clearly and with humour. I was amazed at the change in myself.”…….Spencer, Christchurch

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