Self Confidence

“With an up and coming presentation at work, I felt tense and sick with nerves. After two sessions with Stephanie, I was able to deliver my presentation in a calm, relaxed manner, speaking clearly and with humour. I was amazed at the change in myself”
Spencer, Christchurch


“Steph was recommended to me at a time when I had been diagnosed with depression and was not coping very well with life at all. At a time when I felt most vulnerable Steph was empathetic, gentle and professional in her approach to our sessions.
I have felt much calmer, relaxed and more confident in myself and she has given me some tools that I can use to assist my everyday situations. She is very professional & excellent at what she does”
Karen (Personal Trainer)

“When I first visited Stephanie I was suffering from debilitating depression & anxiety & hadn’t been able to work for over a year because of it. I was struggling to look after myself, never mind my family & I found the simplest of tasks overwhelming. After our sessions I’m now back at work part-time, I feel so much better, I’m actually enjoying life again. I’m taking things one step at a time but really don’t know where I would be without Stephanie’s help. Thank you so much.”

Fear of Flying

 “Hi, Stephanie Thanks very much for your help. I had two great flights over the weekend… Whenever I got a bit nervous I just used my anchor or immediately your voice popped into my mind saying rational things to calm me again. When the plane hit some turbulence and then tipped into a bit of a turn I was happy because I knew it was the pilot moving us onto a gentler path.
It’s wonderful to enjoy flying again! Cheers”
Lisette Good, Studio Manager, Christchurch

“I had an incredibly deep fear of flying. The moment I knew I had to fly I couldn’t sleep. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach, it was such torture. On the plane I barely took a breath, I often couldn’t stop the tears flowing and the food was definitely out of the question. I went along to a fantastic hypnotherapist and it completely changed my life.
The wonderfully relaxing sessions made me feel fantastic and when I went on a trip to Queensland, I was excited to go. I was relaxed on the plane, I ate, I laughed. I shocked everyone that knew me and I shocked myself. I can’t thank Stephanie enough for giving me the joy of flight”
Wendy Steeds, Christchurch

Nail Biting

“Hi Stephanie. I wanted to say a really big thank you for helping me overcome my nail-biting problem. After spending a good portion of my 29 years with this disgusting habit, I’m proud to say that after my two sessions with you, I haven’t even thought about it! In fact, I noticed results immediately after the first session!
Something that used to make me feel really self-conscious, enough to hide my hands away, is now just a memory. Now I admire my hands and I can’t wait till a couple of months down the track when my nails are beautiful, strong & long.
Thank you again, you truly are a miracle worker!”
Rachael, Christchurch

Gastric Band

“I came to see you in late January and February and thought I’d send an update on my progress.  There was quite a challenge in between then and now with lockdown and being at home all the time, however, I have kept up steady progress and can report that I have lost 10kg so far and pulled my belt in by 3 holes.  I can see changes in my overall body shape and measurements.  I am not tempted by the lolly jar or chocolate and feel comfortable when my family eat these things in front of me, which is a big change for me. So I’m keeping on with the same plan and seeing gradual changes which is great, after all it didn’t go on in a hurry so it’s better not to come off in too much of a hurry, but rather continue with an eating plan which is sustainable. Thanks for helping me to make these changes”
……… Jenny

“Still going strong and still astounded by the changes in my thoughts. In 18 weeks I have managed to shed 17kg of excess weight. I am hoping this week puts me in the 60’s. I am seeing the loss numbers each week be less and less and it’s good to know that my body will soon find a comfortable weight to maintain. Start weight 87.4 last Tuesday’s weight 70.4. Thanks again for your help in this journey”
……….. Regards Stacey

“Over the years I have tried every diet going without much success. I then came across gastric band hypnosis. It has been amazing for me – I find I don’t think about food all the time like I used to and am eating much smaller portions without feeling hungry. The weight is slowly coming off and I feel a lot more confident and happier in myself. Thank you so much.”
……….. Jan – Christchurch

“I love the fact that I can still eat what I like but have no desire to eat large quantities of food. And even though I can eat what I like I’m making healthier food choices without even thinking about it. I love the relaxation of the sessions and that it all seems so easy – no more counting calories or points, thinking about what I can and can’t eat and feeling as though I have a constant battle with food. All of this and I’m losing weight! It’s fantastic!”
……….. S.P.

“Three years down the track and I have still kept the weight off for the first time ever, I’m absolutely elated! Thank you so much Stephanie!”

“Hello, I am Betty aged 71 years, I have always had weight problems slim one year, large the next, then I overheard a chap talking to my niece about how he had lost weight so asked him to tell me about it. He said he had gone to Stephanie and had hypnotherapy to have a virtual gastric band procedure, so I made an appointment and have never looked back, eleven & half weeks later I have lost 14.5 kgs. I have three small meals a day, I have not had any hunger in between meals and only drink water. My husband is so proud of me and so am I. Thank you Stephanie”


“After trying to stop smoking “cold turkey” several times, a friend suggested I try hypnosis. I have to admit I was very sceptical but thought I would give it a go.
I was amazed, none of the withdrawal symptoms I suffered when I tried to stop before, irritability, major cravings, feeling on edge. Instead, I felt relaxed and in control. I did have the odd thought of smoking but nothing I couldn’t handle and this faded off after a few days. Stephanie gave me lots of ideas and suggestions to support myself and these along with the hypnosis worked fantastically. She is a true professional and I would definitely recommend her services. Thank you so much Stephanie for helping me ditch a 30-year habit.”
John, Blenheim

“How do I thank and voice how Stephanie has changed my life through hypnotherapy to give up smoking?
Yes, I wanted to give up – half-heartedly; actually I enjoyed smoking and was addicted enough to panic if I didn’t have any cigarettes on me. I went into my first session with Stephanie a happy smoker, and haven’t had a cigarette since! Yes I can easily be around other smokers without preaching or feeling ill. I am proud that I have been a positive example and that Stephanie has successfully helped friends that I have recommended to her to also stop smoking. Stephanie is a true professional who works with your individual issues – and it works.”
Kate, Area Manager

“After 18 years of smoking, with two sessions of hypnotherapy combined with NLP, I gave up smoking easily and relatively effortlessly. The sessions were both relaxing and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anybody who has a desire to stop smoking”
Mike (CEO) Christchurch

“It is 12 months since I gave up smoking and have not looked back – I am now the healthiest and fittest I have ever been – when I first decided to give up smoking I was worried that it would be hard, having seen what others had been through – but it was easy and the thought of ever smoking again has never crossed my mind. This is due to the incredible work that Stephanie does, she helps you to relax and make you believe that you can do it – she made it all very simple.
I am eternally grateful – the best money I ever spent”
kind regards, Ruth


“I had been told of Stephanie by a client of mine who had been to see her after the earthquakes in Christchurch. She went with anxiety, stress, feeling emotional & panic attacks. I had all these going on myself but I was also not able to sleep. I was up half the night just waiting (waiting for another earthquake). All the emotions, anxiety, remembering 22nd Feb 2011 were going through my brain like a video playing in my head.
So I started taking pills to sleep, I was taking them every night, not sure if I needed them or not. The first session with Stephanie was NLP, the second was hypnotherapy. That night I didn’t take my pills and did the breathing and relaxing that Stephanie asked me to do. In all, I had two more sessions. I have not taken any pills since and am not reliving that dreadful day, I am no longer afraid of earthquakes. I am so grateful to you Stephanie, I know you have helped many others. I talk about your help to clients daily”
Lyn Armstrong (Christchurch) Consultant.

“Stephanie is an exceptionally skilled professional. She has helped me a lot with the anxiety re earthquakes and going to work & coping. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
A.D. Manager – Christchurch.

“My stress and anxiety were getting worse after each earthquake and my reactions started to affect our puppy. A friend suggested I needed assistance with the panic and fear that would come over me so I decided to meet with Stephanie and start hypnosis. After each visit, I felt more confident and self-assured and after a total of 5 sessions, I had improved considerably.
Stephanie gave me my life back and removed my screams of terror, for this I am very grateful to her and so is my family and puppy”
Barbara Graham (Christchurch)